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View Diary: Romney/Ryan Lies Now Extend to Church Groups (99 comments)

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  •  I have heard a number of black preachers (0+ / 0-)

    give vehement sermons against homosexuality. (One of the worst was at an ecumenical Martin Luther King Day celebration, where it was not appreciated by many in attendance from more liberal churches.) It may be true that this particular group is largely an empty facade funded by the usual set of right-wing Republican think-tanks. But that doesn't mean that black fundamentalist preachers opposing homosexuality don't exist. Plenty of them do, just like white (and Hispanic) fundamentalist preachers opposing homosexuality exist.

    •  it wasn't Owens, was it? (0+ / 0-)

      The guy you heard?  I came across several reports where at a Martin Luther King Celebration he said that if Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be leading the march against homosexuality....

      There were quite a few comments on search engines about that.

      Pastor Owens, (remember he has no church to keep a toe in reality) commented on a news story about a boy and a dog having sex, that it was caused by allowing homosexuality to flourish.  He seems not to know the difference.

      And at the press conference which I provided a link to, another commentator said they were preaching to an empty room..... It couldn't have been completely empty because someone asks the Reverend William Owens, to explain his previous comment from another day, that Obama supported pedophilia. to which he responded, Obama didn't support pedophilia, but that by supporting same sex marriage, Obama was making pedophilia more socially acceptable.
      Again, he seems not to grasp the difference.

      I wanted to put both of those in, but both messed up the flow....  so I put them here... and the link again.

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