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    I am sick of hearing some younger progressives playing this "blame the hippies/boomers" game as if we were a monolith, a group represented by one point of view.

    Here's what they do not get.   George W Bush is the same age as I am within a year or so.  Many of his supporters came of age when I did.  My friends and I were out protesting, marching, being activists.   But we had counterparts peers who were just as active trashing us, mocking us and deriding us.  

    Just like today, there was a huge split.  And the press, even back then, took a side.  Few in the press did anything more than laugh at, deride, the love children, the anti war movement.

    So these past few years, during the W years, many of us were still marching and protesting despite being grandparents.  Of course since the press has gotten even worse, few saw those things.  While fifty old f*rt tea baggers get every major network camera crew following them,  it seems  that whenever  thousands protesting the war, protesting the anti labor mentality of the right wing governors were out there we got zilch in coverage.

    Younger progressives need to stop this stupid blame game.   We, the boomers, are no more monolithic than any other generation.

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