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  •  My neighbor across the street, (1+ / 0-)
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    who I have written about before in a diary, saw me outside in my yard the other day.  She came across the street, asked how I was doing, and proceeded to laud the RNC.  She was overjoyed with the speech RMoney gave, thought Eastwood was a hoot, and absolutely, positively loved that cutey pie Ryan, with his love-me-dog eyes.  She was almost prostrate at the feet of RMoney and only wanted to be sure that I was going to vote, and vote for RMoney!

    Now, mind you, I have signs in my yard, on my car, on my front door, and everywhere I could place one, that indicates my loyalty to PBO. Well, she wears glasses, so maybe she didn't see my indicators!

    Anyhow, I informed her, that not only was I NOT voting for RMoney, but I explained to her why, and she literally got tears in her eyes, and exclaimed that people were lying about RMoney and Ryan, and she couldn't understand why!  I told her about Social Security (which we both collect), Medicare (which we are both on), and the Voucher system that would be initiated should they be elected.  She swore that would never happen.  I even brought up the womens' issues, education, medical care, insurance, and housing.  I mentioned the lies that RMoney and Ryan told about all of these issues.  She was appalled that people were saying such things about these two pillars of society.  Why, she said, they go to church!

    After I stopped laughing, I let her know in no uncertain terms, to please not bring RMoney and Ryan's crap to my doorstep again.....please, please, please don't!  I said that I would probably not be so forgiving next time, so don't come to me with the crap!  She is a sweet old lady who has bought into the lies that these two (and their cohorts) have told.  She was thrilled that they brought their convention to Tampa, which is where her daughter lives. But she forgot that her daughter's husband lost his job in Indiana at a steel factory several years ago, and moved to Tampa to take a lower paying job.  She forgot that they now have affordable care because of Obamacare.  She forgot that they are renting a condo instead of living in the home that was foreclosed when he lost his job.  She forgot that her grands can't go to private school anymore, but the public system is really good!  She forgot all of this, and is hailing the very people who want to keep her and her family (mine too!) down!

    I hope she got my point, cause I don't want to have to lose my cool with her.....or maybe I'll try and be like to the end!

    "If you want to hear the Lord laugh, tell Him what you've got planned."

    by RO45 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 11:47:40 AM PDT

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      Sounds like you're really well-informed and on top of things. If all voters were so knowledgeable the Republicans wouldn't even bother fielding a candidate.

      The poor lady sounds like a "victim of Fox News" and I would urge you to keep engaging her. She'll eventually see that you're well informed and yet hold opposite views. That will register sooner or later.

      In my diary I wrote about sensing that many of the people who don't live politics but lean right are not as enthusiastic as they were even three months ago.

      A line I drop in conversation: Bush 2 and the Republicans almost destroyed the economy, and I'm very leery of Romney and Ryan who are Bush 3.

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