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    I tried writing one but it sort of would not gel. Personally I cannot complain although I can't complain I am in fact NOT better off than I was four years ago. My salary has been frozen for several years but my expenses keep increasing. The point I was going to make in my now-deleted diary is that the question itself is a dubious one. Because any individual whose fortunes have not improved over the past four years would presumably then be asked "Why, then, are you still going to vote for Obama when Mitt promises he'll make things better for YOU, personally than they were four years ago. You'll be voting against your own self-interest, you fool!"

    Shifting the focus from the macro- to the micro- level is political misdirection. I am very suspicious of that entire mode of thought. Nationally we are better than we were four years ago and I personally believe that things are more likely to improve for all individuals if we continue to have a Democratic president and regain control of Congress. Otherwise the rich will get richer, the poor will get MUCH poorer, minorities, workers and consumers will have fewer rights, we'll be at the mercy of unregulated capitalism and we'll return to a foreign policy based on sabre-rattling and exceptionalism. And THAT is unacceptable.

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