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    My husband reminded me today, that the second anniversary of my Mother's death was a few days ago.  Somehow, death days don't resonate with me the way birthdays do.  This year, on my Mother's birthday, I felt the urge to celebrate the day (nothing fancy, store bought brownies and ice-cream).  I also dug up a photo - A snowy, forest setting - my Mother, walking away from the camera, arm in arm with her young granddaughter.  To me it represented the moment when the inner child separated from the frail old body - the brief instant when they stood together - the moment before the inner child, liberated, moved on and left the frail old body behind.

    It was the first time in my life that celebrating my Mother's birthday was a simple act of pleasure.  My older sib knew my Mother before she had locked her inner child away, but this was my first time experiencing her.

    Please, call me "Loris."

    by s l o w loris on Mon Sep 03, 2012 at 08:10:03 PM PDT

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