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    You are once again under-playing the SC-07. Bromell Tinubu won 73% of the runoff vote. I know that most of you here were going for the other candidate but just because your guy didn't win doesn't mean this district is going to the Republicans.
    You are all missing the fact that this district's make up is persistently poor so most people don't have access to the internet but they do go to church every weekend and that is where they meet Bromell Tinubu.
    Look at 2008, Linda Ketner would have won this district if it had existed then(she got 6% more votes in Horry County than Obama). As a democratic women Bromell Tinubu will pull Republican women and men who are moderate. Her economic degrees will pull the fiscal moderates(and maybe conservatives).
    Also see this:
    15% of missing black voters that could have pulled SC blue (or at least kept Haley out) in 2008. Guess who is motivating them to GOTV? Yep Bromell Tinubu's team.
    Don't right the SC-07 as red just yet. With funding it could be blue... but once again you have picked your favorites.

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