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View Diary: Biden on Romney-Ryan Medicare plan: It's 'vouchercare' (103 comments)

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  •  A Ration Book (2+ / 0-)
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    OleHippieChick, phonatic

    Ryan/Romney vouchers are the same as WWII ration books, but just for medical care.

    Most of you are too young to have known of them but during  WWII, citizens were issued ration books that entitled each to buy just so much of certain foods like sugar, oleo, butter, flour, meat and other things like tires (rubber was scarce) and gasoline. This was to preserve scarce commodities so that the war effort and soldiers would receive their fair share.

    The Ryan/Romney vouchers serve a similar purpose—to limit the demand for medical care, but to benefit a select few, the wealthy,so they can save on their taxes.

    •  Nope, see above (1+ / 0-)
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      DSPS owl

      The whole point of ration books is that you have a right to buy the list of items, and they were price-controlled to prevent gouging.

      The Voucher system has no guarantee that anyone will sell you insurance (once they repeal the ACA), and no regulation of price. I'm not sure if they would regulate quality at all.

      So it's the reverse of a ration book system.

      •  Have to disagree (0+ / 0-)

        Kelvin is correct.  The ration books restricted your ability to consume more than what the administration would ration out.  During the 70s "gas wars" caused by the OPEC barrel price shocks which were meant to pressure Western nations to stop Israel's advance on Damascus during the '73 Yom Kippur War, my 64 year old father (he started a family late) remembered his World War II days and gas rationing.  He casually announced at a family meal that he had begun a log to track his need for gas to get to his out-of-town job and back so that he could justify the privilege of using more gas than someone who lived and worked in town.  He somberly said he wanted to be prepared because of speculation at that time that the country might be forced to ration gas.

        Frank Zappa would have agreed with Kelvin too.  His album "Joe's Garage" was a rock opera where government used the Petroleum Blockade as a pretext to suppress freedom of speech by restricting the use of vinyl (a petroleum product) for records and LPs due to rationing.  In times of war and emergency, one learns that the Bill of Rights does not give you the right to buy shoes or sugar.  But the government can give you the privilege and can take it away too.

        My maternal grandfather literally lost the farm due to eminent domain to create the largest and fastest built military camp in the country at the time.  What happened to his right "to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" without government interference?  There are no such rights in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.  It's just a popular phrase from the Declaration of Independence.  But in a time of national emergency like World War II, even specified rights such as speech and assembly were not as protected, and nobody was going to stand up for a farmer and his property.  He was lucky to be paid for it.

        Listen to what Kelvin is saying.  Because rations are not rights.  They are privileges.

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