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View Diary: 'Cost Disease,' 'Creative Destruction,' and Musical Labor (27 comments)

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  •  Exactly (0+ / 0-)

    This is why I think this is an interesting labor test case. It reminds me of people in my town trying to make us a top-rated cycling town. There are no shortages of bike trails/lanes in my town (a liberal college town in a famous caucus state... you get the idea). On one hand, yeah, bikes are great. I commute by bike, it's awesome. On the other, why should car commuters--who actually own their homes--subsidize the particular manifestations of my habit? Maybe they should. I don't know.

    •  And that's kind of why I like posting about music (0+ / 0-)

      here. I'm in a "bubble." It's interesting to dialogue with people who DON'T share the inherent value of music (as I might not share the inherent value of a blacksmith or a butcher, etc.).

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