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View Diary: Update: Woo-Hoo!! Chevy Volt Sets New Sales Record in August! (119 comments)

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  •  Even Faux (12+ / 0-)

    Is backtracking slightly on their Volt-hate, after an initial slagging by personality donor Neil Cavuto.

    •  Still waiting on Drudge (9+ / 0-)

      It seems he only posts negative links about the Volt, usually with the words Government Motors somewhere.

      If its a positive article, crickets.

    •  Frmr Chairman Bob Lutz: RightWing Crazy hurt jobs (11+ / 0-)

      In Charged EVs publication, an interview with Former GM Chair Bob Lutz talks about the way in which the crazy rightwing noisy shenanigans actually cost jobs.

      He talks about the crash tests that lead to the freak out about Chevy Volts catch fire meme:

      The Volt passed the government crash tests with a five-star safety rating, and didn’t roll over. But the testing protocol requires that even if the vehicle doesn’t roll, it has to go through the rotisserie maneuver, which is five minutes on one side, five minutes on its back, five minutes on the other side, and then back on its wheels again. At some point during the rotisserie, some fluid leaked out, and three weeks later caused a short in the battery and the vehicle caught fire. I mean, how safe it that? Three weeks should give people adequate time to exit the vehicle.
      There it is, people: Information. Nuance. Context.

      The ugly meme and how it grew:

      And what did all these right-wing commentators make of that? “Chevy Volts catch fire.” All of them were talking about “yeah, they all catch fire. GM’s gonna recall ‘em. There’s just another Obama-inspired program - a misguided socialist automotive policy. And not only did they spend a lot of your hard-earned tax dollars creating this vehicle, but now they put a $7500 tax credit on it.”
      The results? right-wing crazy drives the narrative. Narrative drives the news. News is harmful for the economy:
      That of course in the media was: “GM grapples with additional Volt fires.” And these people are supposed to be for American jobs? They did such reputational damage to the Volt that the demand dipped to a very low level. So GM did the right thing, which was to idle production for 5 weeks and lay off workers. So here are these right-wing pundits who are always talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. Actually through their irresponsible reporting on the Chevrolet Volt they managed to put American workers out of their jobs for five weeks! It annoys me to no end.

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