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View Diary: Update: Woo-Hoo!! Chevy Volt Sets New Sales Record in August! (119 comments)

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  •  I have one and love it. (8+ / 0-)

    I just hit 15,000 miles over the weekend.   I'm still on dealer gas and have 1/2 a tank left.  I've used 4.2 gallons since I bought the car in December 2011.   About 1/4 of that was just to get home from the dealership.

    The last time I actually used gas to drive the car was in February and have gone 11,000 miles since then.

    It is truly an amazing car and it is such a pleasure to get behind the wheel every day.   I'm always looking for an excuse to drive somewhere as it is such an enjoyable ride.

    Here are my statistics on VoltStats.   VoltStats shows quite an interesting amount of data about actual Volts in the wild.    There are over 1,600 Volts registered there, almost 10% of the entire fleet.   I'm #4 in lifetime MPG with over 3,000 MPG.

      •  The Volt takes care of this (5+ / 0-)

        If the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) has not been used enough, every 6 weeks, it will burn a little bit of gas.   This is known as EMM (Engine Maintenance Mode.  I have had 5 of these in a row.   My 6th will be this Sunday.   The engine will run for a few minutes and will burn around 0.03 gallons or so.

        Also, the gas tank is pressurized and requires premium fuel.   If the average age of the gas is a year old, it will start FMM (Fuel Maintenance Mode).   The car will burn off the gasoline until the tank is filled up.   In my case I have 1/2 a tank left.   So, I could fill up the tank and this would buy me another 6 months or so.

        Several owners have experienced this FMM.   I have around 3 months before I need to worry about it.

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