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View Diary: I was escorted out of Ryan's Westlake, OH rally today. (176 comments)

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  •  "can't escape the facts at all"...? (5+ / 0-)

    looks like ryan is going to eat those words, doesn't it!

    •  but he won't (8+ / 0-)

      That's the cinder block in the dark room we all keep tripping over; the stubborn refusal of True Believer conservatives to accept inconvenient truth. Yesterday the schmuck asserted that trickle down economics has a track record of success. Yes, he did.
      R-Ayn is a True Believer of the same sort as Rick Santorum. R-Money is a cynical Machiavellian with the character traits of Goldfinger, but the junior member of the Munsters really believes the crap he peddles, like a lot of the rank and file house members and too many of the 'Young Guns' holding government hostage to their twisted fantasies of how it should be.
      I spent some time with a group of RW evangelicals years ago, and the defining trait of the TB's among them was a fanatical belief that the political instructions they were to follow were Ordained as much as the biblical ones. This held true for the TB's who were working with this group but not religious. Truth was discarded like toilet paper when it became inconvenient. When I called them on it, I was stared at; how could I not understand truth was subservient to a larger "Truth", which  was never quite defined?
      FWIW, the leader of this group had the same problem Ryan has with lying for recreational purposes. I still have a list of his whoppers I compiled at the time. It was that staggering.

      Ryan will never eat his words, because his larger "truth" is that he is right, cannot be wrong, but can only BE wronged. This will fuel the demonic obstruction of the Obama Second Term that will drive away the few remaining nostagics from the Republican party.

      R-Money/R-Ayn, the ENRON Ticket, is not a campaign; it's a hostile takeover bid.

      by kamarvt on Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 05:29:42 AM PDT

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