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  •  The difference between TX and MS Whites (1+ / 0-)
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    MS Whites are basically all rural. MS does not have any really major cities. It has Jackson, but Jackson is not than Corpus Christi. Basically all white voters in MS are rural/small town white voters.

    What MS doesn't have is large Metropolises. There is simply no equivalent to Dallas/Houston/Austin. And that is why TX white voters will not vote like MS white voters.

    The thing is, rural/small town white voters in TX don't vote all that differently from rural/small town white voters in MS (maybe a couple points more Democratic, but not much more than that).

    That is simply something that MS doesn't have, because it does not really have urban/suburban white voters in the first place.

    So if white voters OVERALL in TX were to vote like white voters in TX, this would require the GOP to do just as well with white voters in places like Dallas and Houston as they already do with white voters in places like the Panhandle and East Texas.

    The problem with that is that it would require the GOP to win over genuine liberal Democratic base voters. We're not talking about rural Consevadems.

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