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View Diary: Is Mitt Romney really going to ignore Wisconsin? (231 comments)

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  •  After this week's convention, Romney has no chance (11+ / 0-)

    in WI.  Romney is going to position his money in states where the GOP is not at a significant registration disadvantage.  WI doesn't quite fit that criteria.  IA, CO, NH do.  

    He should have enough money to go into any state he wants, but I think he is looking to double down in some key battleground states like FL, VA, NC and gain an advantage and then look to expand the map in October.  

    He is finding it hard to get any traction when he moves across the country.  I think he is likely to spend 2 weeks in a certain region and then move on to the next one in order to try to amplify his message.  The first place for Romney to start is the south. He is behind in VA and FL and would very likely lose a close race in NC if Obama gets his turnout numbers.  

    Alternative rock with something to say:

    by khyber900 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 at 03:16:30 PM PDT

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