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View Diary: Canada Severs Diplomatic Ties With Iran (61 comments)

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  •  More from that op-ed blog post (0+ / 0-)
    But it is not clear at this point that Canadian public opinion is fully supportive of a military strike.
    Read the rest that Vancouver Sun opinion staff blog posting it for more non-alarming stuff.

    Israel is not going to attack Iran this year. Nor is the US. And most certainly it will not be Canada calling that shot.

    •  Canadians are just like Americans. They can be (0+ / 0-)

      readily "messaged" by the MSM into going for war. Harper has a majority in Parliament so is currently a defacto "dictator" (until next election) and can do as he pleases. He was never one to listen to the common man in any event.

      Stephen Harper: (Iran is) “the most serious threat to peace and security in the world.”

      Prime Minister Stephen Harper echoes hawks on Iran

      Yet here we have Stephen Harper echoing Israeli and American right-wing warmongers who want Iranian nuclear facilities bombed by Israel or the United States or both, with the help of allies, if any could be roped in. Such a war would be illegal, outside the framework of international law, since it is not likely to have the approval of the Security Council.

      On Friday, at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Ottawa, Harper refused to give a clear answer to a very clear question:

      Would a unilateral Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran be acceptable to Canada — and “would you support it?”
      Ambassador Mundy: “This is the first time in decades that a Canadian prime minister, Liberal or Conservative, appears to be advocating approaches that reduce diplomatic opportunities for peace during an international crisis.”

      Harper, who wanted Canada to join the war on Iraq, and gave unqualified support to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, and the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008-09, seems bent on dragging Canada into a war on Iran.

      Yet the New Democrats and the Liberals are mostly silent. Do they, too, support an illegal war on Iran? If not, why don’t they say so clearly?

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