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  •  Article One, Section Eight . . . . (0+ / 0-)

    pretty much leaves the door wide open for the Federal government to do virtually anything.

    For better or for worse, it's a stunningly open ended government document.

    It gives it the ability to tax and spend as it sees fit. No limits are even hinted at. The Necessary and Proper Act pretty much says, "by any means necessary."

    The Commerce Clause gives the Federal government power over all commerce, domestic and international. The Equal Protection clause pretty much says we must have equal rights and access to the fruits of this nation.

    And, the Constitution says in two different places that we must provide for and promote the general welfare.

    Righties don't know a thing about the Constitution, and they obviously haven't read it. Contrary to their selectively narrow interpretation, the document is incredibly open-ended and verges on carte blanche.

    It can easily and correctly be read as a mandate for Democratic Socialism. Full on.

    That we haven't gone in that direction is a testament to the ugly, regressive power of plutocracy and oligarchy. The Constitution itself says we could go in that direction, if we so chose.

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