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View Diary: Per Gallup, Obama approval ratings surge during convention (and his lead grows) (200 comments)

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  •  I think it is almost impossible to over-estimate (18+ / 0-)

    President Clinton's impact.  There is a huge wellspring of affection for him that is colored by nostalgia for 'the good old days'.  People trust him particularly regarding fiscal issues. "He balanced the budget".  And when the Republicans, Romney and Fox News spent the last few weeks building him up to try to contrast him to Obama because of the feud that existed between them in their imagination, it was devestating to their narrative for Bill to give such a clear and convincing defense of Obama's record and reveal so mercilessly the Republican efforts to sabotage the economy.  The undecided what there are of them, are looking for someone to blame for the poor state of the economy.  They had unfortunately been listening to fox news.  President Clinton gave them the truth.  And they know it.  From here on out, it is going to break Obama's way because Clinton is seen as a neutral third party and he has called it.  Who fucked things up?  The R's my friend.  In case you haven't been paying attention, it was the R's.

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