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  •  Mitt in Iowa today talking optimism. (0+ / 0-)

    Greatest nation on earth. Principles on which nation founded be restored and then economy will come roaring back.

    Poland, met with ...lec walessa... told Mitt, Where's America's leadership. (are we listening to Poland now?) Personal responsibility and dignity needed. I will do it again.

    Obama's speech -- he read speech, disappointing, unable to meet lofty goals 4 yrs ago, didn't raise incomes for people? more new businesses? get people back to work with stimulus plan, cut deficit, time for new President with different vision for America

    Surprised Obama didn't talk economy and jobs, unemployed, families hard time making ends meet, didn't talk about those things; policies he believes in will not make America stronger;

    increasingly divisive and dismissive approach to American people? pits one against the other? story of America many becoming one (does he know his own policies on women, gays, minorities?)

    Talking Poland again, people coming together; will stop divisiveness, unite American people (I think he means American white people)

    Prez no plan; Mitt's plan -- 1) coal oil gas nuclear energy, become energy indep. -- pro-fracking, keystone pipeline, turn gulf of Mexico back on, natural gas our ace in the hole, 2)Steve King -- I want him as my partner in Wash. DC, -- worker skills, so teachers, students parents first (I thought we had to cut education) 3) trade opportunities, we make more stuff per person than any other nation (can that still be true?) so good for us to trade with other nations, creates job... okay.

    Hmm. Tivo is done, and I am spared more.
    Not sure why I tormented myself this way.

    I did think I saw one brown person in the crowd, maybe. But they all look so tired and bored, so sad. Like even they knew Mitt was full of it or maybe they'd been offered a timeshare vacation if they'd sit through Mitt's speech.
    I don't think these people were in the participation required section of the audience.

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