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  •  Any doc wonder if perhaps you were exposed to (9+ / 0-)

    some 'heavy metals' prior to the time the neuropathy began to get worse?  There are blood & hair tests for that. There are other neuropathy symptom producing diseases that come from various sorts of insect bites.  The blood tests for these aren't always conclusive, unless the timing is right.  Some of those bug-bit caused problems aren't confirmable for days or weeks or even months. Others may need immediate testing to find a positive.  Fibro is no fun, and I can appreciate how this uncertainty will make you sift through all sorts of scary possibilities.

    It is possible you may have compound reasons for the more recent neuropathy, where something triggered problems for an already struggling nervous system.  Some medications, if you've changed any, started a new one or discontinued an old one, or in a combination thereof, can lead to a number of neuropathy symtoms.   Sometimes supplements can have adverse interactions with medications as well.  Reviewing these with pharmacist can be helpful.

    Sometimes sleep apnea can sneak up on you and even moderate occurance can lead to a variety of neuropathy symptoms and can even mimic fibro (perhaps without the 9 point test being fully positive).  Brain and nervous system doesn't do well with the periods of oxygen deprivation sleep apnea can cause. A pulmonary doc would help you figure this out if your primary thinks this might be worth checking out.  Changes in circulatory system depriving nerves of sufficient blood supply can be a problem as well.

    And there may be different nervous system pathways involved in the newer neuropathy if losing sense(s) of touch, hot/cold, smooth/sharp, pinch/press, and getting feedback on where your arm or leg is in space or marshalling adequate force for movement, slow or fast 'twitch' muscles. to do what you intend.  If balance, stance, or orientation is also being affected, there could be a combination of things at play.  A doc might order an MRI/CAT scan of spine, looking at the vertebral 'horns', looking for possible 'stenosis' or squeezing of nerve pathways or other signs of neural or spinal cord impingement or damage to vertebra/disks.

    Keep a journal listing feelings, lack of feelings, observations, experiences, and perhaps observations your close friends or relatives share as they watch you struggle. Notes on changes in how much you can carry for how long, or posture changes, changes in how much you can feel, can help document things for the docs.  

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 03:36:28 PM PDT

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