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View Diary: Mitt Romney's women's ambassador says birth control is off message (255 comments)

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    Free Jazz at High Noon

    I have sympathy for anyone who suffers from a disease or debilitating condition.  The question I have Ann & Mitt have any empathy for other people who are in a similar position but lack their great (inherited, BTW, not earned) resources to cope therewith?

    Mitt & Ann have made it clear that criticism of her hobby horse will not be brooked as this is part of her MS "therapy."  I take this to mean that, notwithstanding the voucherizing of Medicare, vaporizing of Medicaid, and God know;s what they plan to do to Child Health Plus, IDEA & any other similar program, Mitt and Ann and their little flying monkey Lyin' Ryan' plan to ensure that for for eligible MS sufferers, it's PONIES FOR EVERYONE!! Yay!!  Because it's scienmatifically-proven therapeutically necessary, for Pete's sake!

    BTW, I've always been a fan of free jazz, whatever time of day (NY Eye & Ear Control, anyone? Cecil Taylor?  Marion Brown?).  But FJ at high  noon is a fave for recognizing my riff on a Teddy "Preacher Man" Strickland statement at the DNC.  He started talking about "Obama - he share your values" and I expected hm to complete the thought..." while Romney values his shares."  I wish I were a desktop publishing wiz -- I'd have a poster or bumper sticker all set to go -- but I'm still challenged by embedding a link, so -- if anybody wants to -- run with it, please.  No rights reserved.

    And FJ at HN...stay cool.      

    When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called "the People's Stick." ~ Mikhail Bakunin

    by Sick Semper on Fri Sep 07, 2012 at 07:18:14 PM PDT

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