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    One among those tasked with attempting to deal with our military suicide epidemic was the U.S. Army's former Vice Chief of Staff, General Peter W. Chiarelli. A story at the Washington Post includes comments on his experience while at the Pentagon:

    Army’s vice chief of staff, Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, gives closing words of advocacy

    Chiarelli now heads the NFP organization One Mind for Research, and shared these interesting comments about the responsibilities of defense contractors, in an article published in National Defense:

    Chiarelli believes that he has a strong case to make for why the nation’s top corporations — and especially Pentagon contractors — should step up and provide the bulk of the $100 million he needs to get this project moving. Suppliers of military equipment are “one of the groups that I think should help us,” says Chiarelli. “I’m not saying they are responsible” for troops being injured, he adds. “However, many of them made a heck of a lot of money over the past 10 years … and have a moral obligation to assist these soldiers and make sure we do everything we can to take care of them.”

    A hundred million dollars is a lot of money by most standards, but Chiarelli knows first hand what the Army spent on war equipment over the past decade, which is in the hundreds of billions, not millions. Major defense firms these days don’t talk much about all the money they made from the wars, Chiarelli says. “All they’re talking about is how worried they are about sequestration. But the last 10 years weren’t too bad. … We would like to get some sustained commitment from the defense companies.”

    Read full article here:

    Former War Commander Fighting For Funds to Combat Brain Injuries

    I wonder what the Diarist and other Kossacks think about the General's expressed views?

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