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View Diary: Rove and O'Reilly Stunned By Kennedy's Speech: "No One is Seriously Talking About Ending Abortion" (131 comments)

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  •  Shake the etch-a-sketch (15+ / 0-)
    The loyal minions of mitten are happy to shake it whenever mitten asks them to.
    I think you have that backwards.   Mittens shakes the etch-a-sketch when the KochRove tells him to.  Romney is a totally owned subsidiary of KochRove, Inc.  

    All Mitt and Ann want is to be POTUS and FLOTUS.  What they have to do to get there and who they have to obey is a trifling to them.   I mean, when you're as fabulously wealthy as they are, what else is there to trump everyone else for social prestige in their circles except royalty (which they can't be, sooooo...) or President and First Lady?   It's not like they can have more and better houses or cars or car elevators or dancing horses.  That's just not working for 'em.  Gotta go for the Gold Ring.

    That Ann Romney is saying that any women's health issues are not an issue in this campaign is beyond outrageous.   Now the RW noise machine is shouting that at their minions.   Shake the etch-a-sketch.  Pay no attention to those Koch Brothers behind the curtain!

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