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  •  FYI they are not "babies." (6+ / 0-)

    I realize that you put it in quotes, but even merely repeating this phrase strengthens the fetus peoples' pernicious grip on the country's political vocabulary.

    A blastocyte, embryo, or fetus is NOT a baby. They are more like benign tumors with potential. They have to be BORN to be a baby. I recommend that we use the words, blastocyte, embryo, or fetus
    Likewise, a pregnant woman is not a "mother". To be a "mother" you have to have an actual baby. Better we should use pregnant woman.
    Similarly contraception is not "Birth Control." It is pregnancy control or conception control.

    I realize this seems trivial and probably awkward, but the fetus people and the far-right have been working on their vocabulary project for 40 years with hardly any push-back from us. It's long passed time we start.

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