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  •  B/c Marx critique of capitalism was basically corr (3+ / 0-)
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    Desert Scientist, Cobbler, Musial

    ect.  The 'solutions', not so much.

    The only workable solution so far, such as it is, was found by the Social Democrats, who doctinaire Marxists called apostates.  Thus, capitalist countries since either have adopted various kinds of social democracy or they've failed as countries.

    Of course, FDR-Democrats created an American blend of S/D and private ownership/capital that eschewed government ownership of the means fo production for the most part (the true definition of 'socialism' btw tea-morons).  It has both its good and bad points, but its not really socialism, more 'socialistic'.

    •  Formerly socialist nations are nostalgic for (2+ / 0-)
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      Desert Scientist, xaxnar

      public access to economic surplus. If you worked hard and played by the rules, economic life was not as badly managed as is likely under capitalist austerity. A Stalinist police state and bad architecture are not intrinsic to socialism. Also, a stubborn fact remains that without the Soviet victory on the eastern front in WWII there would not be a US as we know it. The US owes much to the Indian treaties, the slaves and wage slaves, and to its WWII ally. The treatment of the labor force in the U.S. is conceptually derived from the harnessing of horses. As cars displaced horses, we expect robots to displace workers. The notion that humanity would not benefit by such efficiencies, is an example of class warfare. Difficult not to see the Wall Street point of view as being a crime against humanity.

      •  Eh, not exactly a reply to my or my reply to DS. (1+ / 0-)
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        BTw, you can understand that Marx correctly diagnosed flaws in capitalism, and the role of Social Democracy in trying to find a new, workable syntesis without all the US bashing.  Most modern nations have a history that includes shameful treatment of a minority on par with US native americans and slave.  Not so many have tried to actually redress it.

        And as for the Soviets... Fascist state capitalism and the Cult of Stalin has nothing to do with Marxism or socialism.
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