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  •  Diarist seems to me to be calling for an end of (0+ / 0-)

    teaching for 'the test' and the teaching of actual subjects to students, grading these courses and guiding the student academically based on performance and aptitude.

    I went to school in a rural area beginning in 1957. Before high school my classmates and I had been exposed to RW&A as well as civics, state, Us, and world history, geography, science music, art, phys ed, and sports. There were classes for students with learning disabilities, average performing students, and classes for the smartoids. All managed by public school employees with the PTA looking in and helping out. It wasn't Cranbrake or Hogworts, fer sure.

    Many of these teachers were knuckle rapping tyrants, but even most of these, if boring and charm challenged, would give you a solid learning experience if you leaned in and buckled down.

    This little village was able to send an impressive number of my cohorts off to college and secured scholarships for high performing students with cash flow problems. My cousin got a math ride to MIT in 1968. There was no elite wealth and quite a bit of rural poverty. But most families had good jobs.

    How have we fucked this up?

    It was also the booming 50s and 60s so school bonds actually passed in working class communities. The wages are now shit and bonds don't pass. No art classes, bare bones band, etc, and the TEST.  

    The testing companies, the resurgence of social darwinism, and poverty are wrecking our schools.

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