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    Another reason the job numbers won't have the effect the media narrative says they will: the job creation numbers just aren't that bad.

    Skip the media spin on Friday's jobs report, take a look at the actual Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

    A couple of things stand out. First, while the August job creation numbers weren't nearly as good as July's, it was still the best August job creation number since 2006.

    Second, look at the graph on top. The job creation numbers have been in the black for the last 14 months. The economy is recovering, even if it is far more anemic than anyone would like.

    Elections tend to be less about What did you do years ago? and more about What have you done lately? We may be in a hole, but people know we're headed in the right direction. That's enough to get the President re-elected -- and after all, that's how FDR got re-elected twice, even with unemployment numbers far higher than we have now.

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