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  •  My dear Grrl, I, too, felt a need to get (7+ / 0-)

    some kind of response,
    in my workplace.

    When Pam died,
    I posted a copy of the diary I wrote
    here at Daily Kos,
    about her death,
    along with a copy of a picture of Pam,
    and a copy of the receipt
    from when she was shopping,
    in our store,
    ten days before she died;
    I posted all that at the time punching clock,
    and left it there for a week or two.

    Many of my co-workers do somewhat similar things,
    mostly talking in the break room
    about the deaths in their families.

    We who work full time
    spend so much time in our workplaces,
    amongst our co-workers,
    so we need to make the effort
    to carve out a little bit of a
    grieving break room,
    in our workplaces.

    So glad you could do that.

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