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View Diary: Mitt Romney "There are 47% of people who feel entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing!" (100 comments)

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    We all pay taxes when we work, and when we can't work for whatever reason, we get a benefit that we paid for when we were working.  
    Don't forget that even those who don't earn enough to pay income taxes do pay taxes:  sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, various "user fees."
    Plus everyone who works pays Social Security taxes on the first dollar they earn.  The overwhelming majority of workers pay SS tax on every dollar they earn.  Only the rich can get out of paying SS tax on income over $110,000 per year AND they don't have to pay it on interest, dividend and capital gains income.   Lucky Duckies indeed.
    It's hardly your fault if you can't find work when the largest factory in your town was moved to China and there's 20 million other people competing for the few jobs around.  
    We have a system that provides backstop protection when the quest for profits necessitates leaving you out in the cold.  It's not welfare, it's not charity, it's part of the deal.  

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