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  •  "1992" (12+ / 0-)

    Back when I used to write a "Totally Irrelevant Crap" diary on a regular basis, I once posited the theory that shifts in American politics were mirrored with shift in pop-culture. For example, in almost every instance of recent memory, the switch of the White House from one party to the other occurred at a time when there was also a shift in pop-music.

    • 1976: The rise of Disco.
    • 1980: The death of Disco, and the rise of new wave & punk.
    • 1992: The end of hair metal & the rise of alternative, grunge and hip-hop.
    • 2000: The decline of alternative music and the resurgence of boy bands, the ascent of Britney Spears, etc.

    From the A.V. Club: 24 pop-culture windows into the world of 1992

    Though Nirvana’s Nevermind was released in 1991, it didn’t actually hit the top of the Billboard charts until January of 1992. The album’s ascendance also signaled the rise of grunge to national recognition, even though the style of music had been percolating in the Pacific Northwest since the mid-’80s. Though many albums of the era captured the scene’s sound, no movie captured—or attempted to capture, at least—the scene’s romantic foibles like Cameron Crowe’s 'Singles.' Set in Seattle, grunge capital of the world, the movie interweaves the love lives of residents in an apartment building with the music of Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden. (The faux-band in the movie, Citizen Dick, even features members of Pearl Jam.) Though the movie itself wasn’t a smash, the soundtrack became a bestseller, helping to rocket acts like Smashing Pumpkins, Mother Love Bone, and Screaming Trees into the collective consciousness.
    •  TIC (4+ / 0-)
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      Rimjob, Larsstephens, JML9999, Progrocks

      I, for one, miss "Totally Irrelevant Crap". There's been nothing like it since! But, I think the spirit of TIC lives on in your posts to OND. (Not so much cheesecake and beefsteak though...) I sometimes wonder how the 100,000+ ids would react to such a diary posted in 2012. ;-)

      •  I've Sometimes Thought Of..... (4+ / 0-)

        ....Putting another one together, when a big entertainment or gossip story breaks.

        And then I remember all those times of going through lines & lines of HTML to find one itty bitty error in code to satisfy Daily Kos' proofreading software, and that feeling washes away. :-)

        It used to take me about two days to compile all the links for a week's worth of entertainment news, put it all in bullet-points with clickable links, and then pick out a few of the stories from the week to expound on.

        I wonder if those of you who put together OND sometimes feel this way in which stories you try to highlight in the diary, but I was always surprised by the stories that people don't notice or talk about. Sometimes I would pick out a story to highlight in TIC that seemed interesting & fascinating, and would think it would get people talking, and then not a peep. Instead, it would be something I hadn't even thought of putting front & center that would get people into long discussions.

        •  Editing (2+ / 0-)
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          JML9999, Rimjob

          When I was doing OND regularly, it started to consume my days. I remember putting 5-6 hours into a nightly digest. I wouldn't edit in the dkos editor since, as you know, it eats diaries.

           Since I like international news, I tried hard to make sure I had sources from around the globe and tried to only cite two stories from any one source. If I had "extra" time, I'd add photos. The thing that saved me was that I gave up commenting on the news stories in the body of the diary for the most part.

          Invariably, the big story or theme I was highlighting wasn't as fetching as the weird or odd news item I put in because I found it interesting. All-in-all, it was good for me to step back from daily or weekly OND editing. Now, I usually can pinch hit a decent digest in about an hour, but the detail work I used to put in isn't there. I notice, but I may be the only one.

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