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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Despite switch to likely voter model, Obama still up by 6 (71 comments)

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    It's been wonderful, though, how that attack has been been parried-- and even turned around.

    At the Democratic Convention and on the campaign trail, the "you didn't build that" meme has been properly recast as the Republicans being irrationally and blindly anti-government.  

    Heck, even the people the Repubs had speak at their convention, and who appeared in their ads, as prototypes of the "built it on our own" turn out to have achieved their success through government help-- SBA loans, grants, etc.  One even complained that Obama needed to provide even MORE federal aid!

    In contrast, on this fundamental issue, the Democrats are now being seen as the party of reason--credibly stating that the government has an important role to play in our economy and society and that citizens, and even business, benefit from its involvement.

    The argument seems to be working!

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