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View Diary: Wisconsin Capitol Police Try Intimidation; Deliver Citations at Man's Job (57 comments)

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  •  Seriously, you are correct (22+ / 0-)

    The same sort of thinking that puts personal profit ahead of the common good puts immediate gratification ahead of long-term, rational self-interest.

    Walker and his bully-boy, Erwin just fucking hate Giles and AnnieJo and Plankbob and Wisco Wherls and everyone connected with the Solidarity Singers. The fact that they are there every day enrages them. Somebody holding a sign in the rotunda or chalking the sidewalk outside the building is also a target. The only reason they are writing tickets is because they can't get away with splitting Wherls' melon with a nightstick.

    I'm a fairly rational person. If I were governor, I would go outside, borrow a piece of chalk and write the following words on the sidewalk:

    Welcome to the People's House!

    I would ask the singers if they know "Home On The Range" and invite them up to one of the conference rooms for coffee and cookies and talk to them about their concerns, nodding, acknowledging and agreeing to disagree.
    I would positively kill them with kindness and the cameras would be rolling the whole time.

    The Solidarity Singers aren't fools. They would eventually recognize that I was co-opting them into my photo-ops and using them for props. They would be forced to re-think their strategy. They'd try another gambit and I'd come up with a media-friendly response. I'd compromise just enough to make me look like forbearing Big Papa and making them look like spoiled children having a tantrum.

    If the Singers get discouraged and give up, fine.
    If they stay and sing every day, I keep putting out the welcome mat with grace and wait them out.

    In short, I can put myself in someone else's place and understand their feelings. Even if I hate them, I can understand them and follow a long range plan to my own advantage. I might even learn something along the way.

    But Scott Walker and Chief Erwin won't do this. It is because they believe they are better than Giles et al. The singers are rabble. They are sheep to be herded, shorn and slaughtered. By daring to think they cannot be treated like sheep, the Singers have enraged them to the point that Governor Bluto Doe and Chief Goon cannot think clearly.

    This misbegotten belief in their own superiority,  this hubris is what makes Walker such a miserable shitheel.
    It is what makes Erwin such an overbearing asshole.
    It is what makes them both, as you, ForestLake, so succinctly put it: "pricks".

    It is also what makes the Solidarity Singers, the Signholders and the Chalkupistas so damned effective.
    Long may they sing! Shine on!

    That is my rant.
    Thank you and good night.

    I started with nothing and still have most of it left. - Seasick Steve

    by ruleoflaw on Tue Sep 11, 2012 at 05:03:14 PM PDT

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