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View Diary: to ban users quoting FACT CHECKERS (not snark, these idiots really mean it) (300 comments)

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    I had an argument one day with one from there that was plain adamant that the Fact checkers were totally using speculation on every thing and using things that shouldn't be used. Here is an example of one I brought up the Auto plant in Janesville, he said fact checkers were wrong because that plant did close and it hasn't been opened yet. But i go its also a fact that plant closed under Bush. He just totally went off about how Ryan never said when it closed that he said it closed and has remained closed. Needless to say we went back and forth in messages, i even showed him the Press release Ryan sent out and the whole 9 yards. He still told me the fact checkers were wrong because Ryan said it closed and remains closed today which is true. I finally messaged him back saying ill post on redstate that the Plant is closed and is still closed today if he would post that the plant closed under President Bush well he wouldn't take me up on that offer so im not surprised they will ban posters for using fact checkers.

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