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    I suppose it’s my nature to root for the underdog, and our cousins the Neanderthal definitely are that.
    Why do you say "cousins", when many of us (Asians and Europeans) have some Neanderthal DNA and are their descendents? I'm also not quite comfortable with the distinction "Neanderthal vs human". How were they not human? Particularly since they could interbreed with anatomically modern humans?

    Regarding language, I doubt there is more evidence that other people of the same time could speak than there is that Neanderthals could speak.

    Regarding food and cold adaptation: Until a few generations ago, arctic people like the Inuit lived on a heavily meat-based diet, and reportedly they are stockier than the worldwide human average, which would count as a cold adaption. The Neanderthals' cold-adaptation would therefore probably be within the range of modern human populations, who are perfectly able to live elsewhere and lead a different lifestile if need be / so desired.

    Perhaps their specific adaptation can be taken as a warning. When their world ended, the climate shifted dramatically and rather quickly, over several hundred years. They couldn’t keep up.
    Question is: Would anatomically modern humans of the time, living in the same place, have survived? Or did they prevail because they had a population base elsewhere, less affected by those climate swings?

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