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  •  A major problem in Afghanistan is the corruption (3+ / 0-)
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    It's easy to see from this quote, from the Dexter Filkins Civil War article,

    But now, with the United States planning its withdrawal by the end of 2014, Nasir blames the Americans for a string of catastrophic errors. “The Americans have failed to build a single sustainable institution here,” he said. “All they have done is make a small group of people very rich. And now they are getting ready to go.”
    where our Afghanistan policy falls in U.S. Republican/Democrat terms.

    As an example of how our corruption works, the corner of Nangarhar province. It's an insurgent pathway from safe haven in Pakistan. So we made a deal with the Shinwari tribe. We directly funnel money to a small group of Shinwari powerbrokers. The Shinwaris will hunt for insurgents.

    To get the deal, we funneled money to specific Shinwari clans. So, we fractured the Shinwaris. We also, by funneling all the money to one side, inflamed wider tribal tensions.

    The corner of Nangarhar is now a place of frequent assassinations of Afghan government officials.

    U.S. media mostly calls it a US/Taliban war. But it's actually a tribal war. Which we created.

    All we've done is make a small group of Shinwaris very rich. And fueled a civil war.

    “It really stirred things up,” said one State Department official in Kabul, referring to George’s approach. “They were basically paying the Shinwaris to do nothing: ‘Congratulations, you get a pony.’ Now other tribes are saying, ‘Why don’t I get a pony?’ ”

    Washington Post, May 10, 2010

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