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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Getting a final grip on the Obama bounce, and looking ahead (112 comments)

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  •  I KNOW Steve Singiser can't comment on EVERYTHING (0+ / 0-)

    ...because he's just plain shiftless and lazy!  

    No, I mean as a dedicated reader of his stuff, he's throwing everything up (sic) & deciding what bears comment--and does a good job at that.

    But I write separately to mention something that doesn't bear additional comment.  While it's been discussed ad nauseam infinitum, I am always amazed by the Hoekstra-Stabenow race.  Has there ever been a campaign, where one side did that much damage to themselves, with a single ad?  The Superbowl "SpendItNow" ad is just a classic, for featuring at least something to offend everyone......

    It would be an interesting political science experiment, just to see if it would be possible to overcome something like that....only Hoekstra keeps ruining the experiment by piling on the childish hyperbole.  For example, he's now claiming that Senator Stabenow is the "worst senator ever" (although, Hoekstra may have back peddled some to mean the "worst MICHIGAN Senator in history").

    But still--why go there?  Agree or disagree with her, no one could argue she's corrupt, or hopelessly incompetent, or an idiot.  So why paint yourself in a corner like that, insisting on something that isn't the case, especially when you don't need to do that?

    I guess I'm just especially disappointed about Hoekstra, because he comes from the same part of the Netherlands that my family comes from.

    Homes!  You're making us look bad here.......

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