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  •  I don't miss Keith. And I give Rachel the credit. (6+ / 0-)

    I do credit Keith for beginning a shift and demonstrating its plausibility to the network. And yes he gave Rachel Maddow a guest spot. But at some point, that's it because Rachel deserves the lion share of her success herself and her path in her own right. She's neither Keith's puppet nor protege.

    And some dynamic should be considered that hedges Keith's effect a bit: the Zeitgeist. It was a lot of unexpressed public agitation at the Bush administration, and timid media, that gave an opening for someone - and Keith deserves credit for seizing that moment. That is different than creating that moment. I think if I give him credit for anything and gladly so, it's that he had the courage and the spine to rip the Bush administration in the moment we the nation rationalists needed it.

    I think Rachel is in her rightful chair at MSNBC, and in these times I'm glad it's her.

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