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    I agreed with him on the production values on his Current show.  The sound was awful as was the set.  You could tell as the show went on that he was increasingly frustrated with the low rent production quality as he was a very snappy dresser, always, on MSNBC, but was frequently tieless and casual on Current, as if to say, "If they don't care, why should I?"

    And as for a single emotion, outrage.... I disagree.  It was always his humor that engaged me.

    I too love Rachel, but my little 87 yo mom, who watches the entire MSNBC lineup every night, says that Rachel talks too fast for her.  There may be a little of the old school, unacknowledged mistrust of the gays mixed in there too but I did start to notice how "snappy" and crisp Rachel is when speaking and I can see Mom's point.  Still, smart, smart, smart.... and she always makes me feel smarter too which is even more important than my thinking SHE is smart.  She isn't condescending, ever.

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      I was going to mention to cheesy production values at Current but decided against it. Cenk Uygur's show looked like the set for Glengarry Glenross. They managed to construct a set for Eliot Spitzer that could keep the lights on more than twenty minutes at a time, and I shudder to think of Keith's big ass perched on an orange crate between Al Gore and Jennifer Granholm trying to do convention coverage.

      I wish Keith would find a small studio somewhere near his home, set it up with state-of-the-art facilities, and run his own YouTube channel. I think he'd do well.

      George W. Bush: Worst President In United States History

      by MacDaffy on Thu Sep 13, 2012 at 02:47:01 PM PDT

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