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View Diary: Downing Street & King George: A Duty to Impeach (227 comments)

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  •  Take to the streets (4.00)
    If we really believe there is enough evidence to impeach Bush (and I believe there is), we need to organize huge protests. I can't think of too many examples of citizens bringing down a president (or successfully fighting election fraud, as they did in the Ukraine, or bringing down a dictatorship like they did in Brazil in the early 1980s, etc) by writing letters to newspapers. These things take a social movement. It takes a massive number of people with a common goal out in the streets together.  We need people with solid organizing experience to get this out and stage a march on Washington or something. Whatever it is, we need to get back to a tradition of real protest in this country.
    •  I keep saying... (none)
      study what happened in Ukraine!!  How long did that take? Days!  It kept building and building...they would NOT leave...  That's what needs to happen...

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