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View Diary: Downing Street & King George: A Duty to Impeach (227 comments)

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  •  Strategy (4.00)
    Look, no one would like to see the Chimp in the dock more than I.
    Clearly, many people would. Everyone who cares enough to make it an issue has something more than the passive desire you have to see that outcome.
    But it ain't gonna happen, okay?
    No, its not okay to just say that and let it end there. If you care about an issue, you work to make it viable.
    You can quote the UK memo all you want, you can stand anywhere you want, you can shake your fist all you want, you can call me a cynic all you want, but the final outcome is going to be: Impeachment. Ain't. Gonna. Happen.
    The reason the Republicans have made progress against us for decades is that they haven't been willing to simply accept what is currently viable, they've been willing to push the media, the public, politicians, businesses, etc., to change what is viable. Until we do that about the things that matter to us, that isn't going to happen. And accountability, limited Constitutional government and the rule of law are things that should matter to us.
    Not with the current Congress, and probably not with the next one, even if we do take control. The current Congress doesn't have the votes, and a Democratic one won't have public support for another impeachment.
    Public support isn't extrinsic, its something that is shaped through facts and advocacy. Whether there is public support depends on the actions of people on both sides of the issue, and right now you're working on the other side.
    So lets' get our heads out of Cloud Cuckoo Land and get to work electing local, state, and Congressional candidates who aren't crazy, M'kay?
    Unless we're willing to push on issues -- even ones that seem unattainable so that the perceived middle gets shifted -- there is nothing we can do by finding candidates to get our agenda implemented, since we will never build public support around our issues. Pushing issues of moral significance is not exclusive with recruiting and supporting candidates.

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