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    But the idea that attacking the opponent is always safe ground does seem to sit well with someone who has spent so many years as a candidate, and especially as a candidate for a Republican nomination, without tempering that experience with a little more experience as an elected official, where what you say may have implications beyond the next news cycle. Oddly enough, it may be that all of Romney’s experience and training as a professional candidate could be precisely what let him down this time.
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      Smoh, deepfish, gffish

      is that Jonathan Bernstein, correctly, indicates that Mitt Romney's position as a long-time professional candidate for office with limited experience actually holding office and his recent behavior as a knee-jerk attack dog are unprecedented among major-party nominees.  But he is not unprecedented among recent candidates for high office who didn't quite get as far as the nomination.

      Sarah Palin, who was a small-town mayor before serving two years as governor of Alaska, has been essentially running for something since the McCain campaign unleashed her on America four years ago and feels the need to insert herself in every question of even marginal national import.  Pat Buchanan, who has never held office, ran for president for essentially the entire decade of the 1990s and did as much as he could to fan the flames of the culture wars of that period.  Might even throw H. Ross Perot in there, though he never rose to the same level of attention-loving attack dog.

      So Mitt, you are kind of a Sarah Palin meets Pat Buchanan, with a little H. Ross Perot thrown in for good measure.  Good luck with that.

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      ...a youth of privelege and entitlement where he could literally do nothing wrong - or at least he could get away with everything... from assaulting other students to the felony of impersonating a State Trooper....

      His learned and conditioned reflexes, appetites, and coping strategies have lead him to be a complete dickwad...

      Poor bastard. If he paid me I might consider feeling sorry for him.

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