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View Diary: Amb. Stevens died a hero's death. Mitt Romney's words were an insult not only to Obama, but to him. (11 comments)

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  •  Lets not forget (5+ / 0-)

    One of the staff members that went with the Ambassador to help evacuate was Sean Smith, an amazing guy with a gift for diplomacy who served as IT manager for the Foreign Service.

    Sean is leaving behind a wife, and a young son and daughter in addition to a community of tens of thousands who played the online game EVE.

    I know it probably seems like a trivial thing to people who don't play, but Sean altered the course of a persistent on-line world inhabited at various times by more than 30,000 people world-wide. His unique take on using statecraft in the context of a game revolutionized the way it was played and left an indelible mark on numerous lives.

    Personally, Sean was just a great guy. He was a loving father and husband and when he shared stories about his kids you felt like you were right there, watching them grow up.

    Sadly, his sacrifice for others has been overshadowed in the name of cheap political points.

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