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View Diary: Deal may be near in Chicago teachers strike; poll finds majority support for teachers (79 comments)

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  •  spp17, I really think you need to realize that (0+ / 0-)

    "Waiting for Superman" was a movie made with the intent to create disdain for unions. It is a propaganda movie, not a documentary. That is why it was not nominated to the Academy Awards.

    School reform shouldn't be a simplistic goal to do away with teachers. Every teacher, even excellent teachers are constantly having to evaluate what they do with each new group of kids.

    You are making these statements "talent matters". I don't think anyone disagrees with that talent matters.  I don't even see why they would study whether talent would matter or not, of course a talented person is better than a non-talented person, in any situation. I don't think school districts routinely look for less talented teachers, except in the sense that they all do look for less experienced (often less talented, but not always the case), less expensive teachers.

    That value-added stuff is just bizarre. You are suggesting that the P.E. teacher be graded on the math scores of the kids in his gym class? The French teacher should be graded on how well the students read in English? I don't understand how that idea is even being considered.

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