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View Diary: Republican senators try to ban gays some more because freedom (77 comments)

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    Since the tide has turned somewhat and the "gayz R icky" thing isn't proving quite as effective in quashing marriage equality measures at least in some areas, this seems to be the next stop for GOPers/bigots. "Religious freedom." Now, I'm admittedly no expert on laws or statutes dealing with the conscience of clergy, including military chaplains, but this shadowy "concern" that two gay men (I say men because that seems to be their hangup), who I'm sure in their minds would be the cruelest stereotypes you can imagine, would show up at a church or base chapel and "force" the chaplain to marry them or else, seems wildly outside the realm of possibility and of legality.

    But of course, that's what they feed on. Take an issue and milk the fear, consequences and humanity be damned.

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