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View Diary: Let's Not Forget the Antisemitism in the Sam Bacile Affair (169 comments)

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    "The Jews killed Jesus". Can't hardly get more of a blood libel than that. Any accusation against Jews is quite probable, if, after all, they are guilty of killing Jesus.

    No matter how conscious I am of this slander, no matter how much I realize that this is BS and that groups of people are never guilty for the crimes of a few, no matter that I have friends, relatives, and associates that are Jews, many whom I love, admire, and want to be with, this fucking slander, slapped into my brain as a mere all-trusting child, is hard to shake off -- but one I am always conscious of.

    "Force is as pitiless to the man who possesses it, or thinks he does, as it is to its victims; the second it crushes, the first it intoxicates.” Simone Weil

    by chuco35 on Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 12:41:52 PM PDT

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