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View Diary: Have Republicans become a religious group w/a hint of infomercial marketing? (62 comments)

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    have become pretty aware that their party gatherings, when they try to  look respectable, look and behave and sound an awful lot like clergy and audiences at white megachurches or Mormon wards.

    There is an obvious merger/mutual takeover of white Christian Culture and the Republican Party.  

    This impresses some people immensely.  Others, like me, see the fragility and ephemeral nature of it behind all the big screen PowerPoint presentations, sneering solemnity, and expensive looking suits.

    What you have to know about megachurches is their awful retention rate of their young within active American Christianity- it's 20% to 30%, somewhere in that area.  And it's not the smart and well-adjusted ones.   All the unceasing marketing and promotions and appearance of competence and competitiveness with The Degraded Secular (Eww!) Culture Out There does not fool their own kids.  The product is still crap.  But it's quite comforting crap if your standard isn't high.

    It's worth remembering who isn't the megachurches and the Republican Party.  Almost zero scientists of any significance, few or none of the high end CEOs that actually move the business world along, few or no activist women of any kinds, few of the ethnic minorities that make the country distinct and creative, few people you would call moral leaders.  There are few or none of the poor or the working class.  But there definitely are an awful lot of corporate drones and businesspeople and what one might call the white trash element of contemporary suburbia.

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