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  •  Curiosity questions (0+ / 0-)

    I keep hearing people talk about Goode (Constitution Party) being expected to hurt Willard in VA because Goode is from VA and has diehard fans there. But how many other states have the Constitution Party on their ballots?
    I heard Stein of the Green Party a bout six weeks ago predicting that she would be on 40+ state ballots but they had qualified for less than 20 at the time.
    How many states will have Ron Johnson (Libertarian Party) on their ballots. If any of these three have more than a negligible effect on the election, it will be the Libertarians.

    •  Okay, looked it up for myself (0+ / 0-)

      Constitution Party is only on enough ballots to collect a maximum of 253 electoral votes but 270 are required to win. So Goode will not be president. He is on the ballot in the tossup states of VA, Iowa and Florida.

      Looks like Green Party got on the ballot in 29 states with 6 more allowing write-ins for a total of 35. I may be undercounting them slightly but it's their own damn fault for drawing a map on their website instead of making a list or chart. They are on enough ballots to potentially, in their wildest dreams, win 448 electoral votes.

      The Libertarian Party is on the ballots of 47 or 48 states plus Washington D.C. Two or three states are still under challenge (found two conflicting web sites and can't tell which is correct). They are on enough ballots to potentially, in their wildest dreams, win 515 electoral votes.

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