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View Diary: CNN calls a five-point lead for Barack Obama in swing states a 'tie' (157 comments)

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  •  until it affects (0+ / 0-)

    mike's team.. heh.  Then he'll be squealing..

    Funny coming from a guy who throws out polls when they don't fit the meme.. heh.

    I didn't bother responding above cuz I am busy.. but here's the thing..

    Convention bounce shows in increases in responses.. not sample bumping.  real bounce shows in bumps in responses that are presented in consistent samples.

    These samples bouncing all over the place make these  polls meaningless.

    I've told you this before.. there will be a lot of people with their jaws dropping (and squealing "fraud!" like Mike) come November when they find the polls have been showing them a very distorted reality.

    That said.. I have no idea where the polls will go after this week's events .  But my impression is this is still a 2-3 point race in Obama's favor.

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