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View Diary: Romney on GMA "I Plan on Pulling a Palin During Debates" (218 comments)

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    Until the last several weeks, I never payed much attention to anything Mitt had to say.  To me, he was a generic Republican.  I had no plans to vote for him and I figured most of what he had to say was simple bullshit. I had also come to the conclusion that Mitt was pretty much a man with little or no principles (that he was willing to stand by) and that he would say virtually anything to win an election.

    Unlike some people, I don't naturally assume that a person is intelligent simply because they have made a great deal of money (which I don't begrudge anyone from doing...).  But, I assumed that Mitt had a basic level of intelligence.
    However, I have recently come to the conclusion that Mitt is a complete dolt, an idiot, a moron...and like his apparent new role model Sarah Palin, a complete fucking nitwit.  Why didn't he just pick Rush Limbaugh as his running mate (although Paul Ryan is only marginally better).

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