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View Diary: Mitt Romney goes off the deep end with new defense of his embassy attack (253 comments)

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  •  Yes, I posted the same thing (0+ / 0-)

    From the outset this movie thing stank.

    1. the whole Israel jewish nexus of "sam bacile" is suspect because it was a lame attempt to paint Jews and Israeli's as behind it.  So when "sam bacile" is found to be fake, so too would the idea that an Israeli has anything to do with it. Right?

    2. But who benefits from this happening around 911.  Of the Arab world going up in flames.  With at the same time this is happening that the US news is flooded with reports that "Obama REFUSES to take Netanyahu's calls.

    3.  The same time these events are going on the US news has reports of how the US is turning its back on Israeli in regards to Iran.

    4.  Romney has a huge number of advisers that are not only pro-Israel (pretty much every foreign policy adviser qualifies for that) but Romney has a huge number of foreign policy advisers who are Israel FIRSTERS, ie they often look at the protection of Israel first over anything else.

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