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View Diary: Can Mitt even GET a security clearance? (255 comments)

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  •  As someone who worked with soldiers to obtain (21+ / 0-)

    security clearances during my time in the Army, I'm guessing that Mitt would be required to have a Top Secret Clearance. Based on my experiences, this, under normal circumstances would take several months and involve a great deal of digging into an individuals business and personal dealings (to the point of interviewing family members and business associates, and a thorough scrutiny of any tax or business records, as described above.) Between the stonewalling of Willard and his handlers, the numerous questionable business dealings that Bain has had over the years, the complexity of those dealings (along with his taxes, since in his world, less than one year of taxes amounts to a 500 page document,) and the questions about his residency dating back to his run for Governor; even with an expedited investigation, it was going to take several months to fully vet him, much less provide him any sort of clearance, based on the information contained within.

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