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View Diary: Paul Ryan goes full pro-choice, demands government stay out of lady business (120 comments)

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  •  The fictional world of republicans (0+ / 0-)

    Notice how everything is "the story the President tells" and the "Words the president says."  

    These loons are living in a movieland fictional reality where all that matters is what stories we tell ourselves about how macho and powerful and large penised America is, and anyone who resists that macho Reagan movie narrative is a wussy coward.

    No wonder they love Ayn Rand so much.  She spun melodramatic fantasies of good and evil heroes, with no in-between.

    It's just so pathetic they can't see the real world.  There are REAL people who died in Libya.  REAL people die in wars.  

    Words matter in diplomacy and leadership.  This is not a the f-ing schoolyard or some Jean Claude Van Damme or Rambo movie with big speeches and heroes with guns.

    Obviously a clown like Ryan, who lives his whole life in a Tom Clancy novel fantasy of his own delusions, can't tell the difference between an imagined narrative and reality.

    On the bright side, Ryan could get a job writing for "24".

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